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October 5, 2020 - LMA Victims vs. Victor Devotional

LMA Victims vs. Victors Devotional

In each day, there are abundant opportunities to be either a victim or a victor. The choice is yours.

Last month we went through the nine LMA victims vs. victors statements. Hopefully, you gained some insight into whether you are living life as a victim or as a victor. Let’s look at the victims vs. victors statements once again and reflect.

  • Victims worry about who is to blame – Victors find a way to make a difference.

  • Victims complain – Victors take action.

  • Victims find comfort in the weakness of others – Victors help others to develop their strengths.

  • Victims agonize over yesterday’s losses – Victors prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow.

  • Victims take credit – Victors accept their responsibility.

  • Victims search for quick and easy answers to their problems – Victors spend the time and effort needed to build the life they desire.

  • Victims say, “I’m too busy” – Victors say, “I’ll find the time.”

  • Victims look for excuses not to even make an attempt – Victors look for ways to get it done.

  • Victims ask for pity – Victors look for challenges.

Which are you?

Isaiah 35:4 (TPT): Say to the anxious and fearful, “Be strong and never afraid. Look, here comes your God! He is breaking through to give you victory! He comes to avenge your enemies. With divine retribution, he comes to save you!”

Fear not, and do not be anxious. God will give you the victory. Be a victor!

Enough said.

Blessings All Around,

Rannie Childress

Senior Pastor, Trinitarian Grace International

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