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  • Rannie Childress

October 19, 2020 - LMA Reflections

LMA (Life More Abundant) - Reflections

LMA’s motto is “We Are All Recovering From Something.” This can cover a lot of ground, so to speak. So, let’s try to clarify what this actually means as you consider participating in our fellowship.

Obviously, those that struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction are potential members. Others may be those that struggle with nagging guilt and shame. And those who have overwhelming anxiety and fear that just seems to hang on. Others may be those who are suffering from ongoing types of physical ailments that usually stem from an underlying emotional issue or issues. It may include those who have explosive tempers or even a tendency towards violence. Or depression, bouts of self-pity, or mood swings that seem to come and go at a distressingly fast pace. So let us look at what we are talking about here: all types of issues causing us to live in a state of mind that is not what God wants for us.

What can we offer through LMA? We provide a safe environment to share your thoughts and feelings…….with non-judgmental feedback. No, we are not offering psychotherapy or any of that. We are offering an assurance that you are not forgotten and that you are a beloved child of God. And participation in a fellowship that seeks to grow closer to Jesus Christ.

Just what is Addiction? Well, almost anything can become an Addiction. For example…..

  • Substance abuse/dependence

  • Spending money (living beyond your means)

  • Gossip/drama

  • Criminal behavior

  • Work (no time for family and/or self)

  • Staying too busy

  • Sports/exercise (overdoing it)

Read the above once again and think about it. Is LMA an option for you? Think about it.

1 Corinthians 13:12 (TPT): For now we see but a faint reflection of riddles and mysteries as though reflected in a mirror, but one day we will see face-to-face. My understanding is incomplete now, but one day I will understand everything, just as everything about me has been fully understood.

1 Corinthians 13:12 (Mirror Bible): There was a time of suspense when everything we saw was merely mirrored in the prophetic word, like in an enigma; but then [when I became an adult in the revelation of Christ] I gaze face-to-face that I may know me, even as I have always been known!

The mystery of God revealed in Jesus……..face-to-face!

Enough said.

Blessings All Around,

Rannie Childress

Senior Pastor, Trinitarian Grace International

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