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  • Rannie Childress

December 23, 2020 - Daily Devotional

Proverbs 23:22 (TPT): Give respect to your father and mother, for without them, you wouldn't even be here. And don't neglect them when they grow old.


Wednesday has arrived, and Hump Day is here. One more day closer to Christmas. I hope and pray that you are all experiencing the Presence of Jesus today and every day. Many of us have disrespected our parents at one time or another. This should not be so. We are to honor our parents, whether they have been good parents or not. Some of us have (or had) godly parents, and some of us haven't. Either way, we are to love and honor them. We have all fallen short in our behaviors, yet, we are all included in the Love that IS God (Father-Son-Spirit). Let's take this day to pray for our parents or to meditate on their memory (whichever is appropriate). May we come to the awareness that all are included in the loving embrace of our Triune God….. good parents and bad parents. All people are included.

Read today's scripture with me and reflect on its words of wisdom….., "Give respect to your father and mother, for without them you wouldn't even be here." Honor your parents because, at their core, their identity is in Jesus, as is yours. Read on…., "And don't neglect them when they grow old." If it is possible, may we never neglect our parents in their old age. If this is not possible, honor their memory as children of God.

Take a moment to meditate. Place your hands over your heart…..Breath in……my identity is in Jesus…..Breathe out…..I love and respect my parents…….Breathe in…… All are included in You, Jesus……Breathe out……soften my heart.

Wednesday, here we are loving and respecting our parents or their memory...... Breathe in…..Breathe out.

Let's pray……, "Father, help us to honor and respect You and our earthly parents as well. Help us to see our parents as Your children. Bless this day. Protect us and our families. We come to You in the name of Jesus." All together, say, "Amen."

Pray for one another.....

In Jesus,

Rannie Childress

Senior Pastor

Trinitarian Grace International

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