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April 28, 2021 - Wednesday - LMA Devotional

Hey Everybody,

LMA Christ-Centered Recovery Group (We Are All Recovering From Something)


"Perichoresis'' Genuine acceptance removes fear and hiding and creates freedom to know and be known. In this freedom arises a fellowship and sharing so honest and open and real that persons involved dwell in one another. There is union without loss of individual identity. When one weeps, the other tastessalt. It is only in the Triune relationship of Father, Son and Spirit that personal relationship of this orderexists, and the early church used the word 'perichoresis' to describe it. The good news is that we havebeen included in this relationship and it is to be played out fully in each of us and in all creation. As you read the above statement and ponder it’s meaning and message…. Allow it to ‘soak’ into your inner-most being……’really’ think about this concept…..we ‘ARE ONE’….. John 17:22 (TPT) I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— We are one… Christ…..yes, we are one…… Enough said…..

In jesus,

Rannie Childress senior Pastor

Grace ministries at rapha


Trinitarian grace international

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677 W Covington Ave. Attalla, AL 35954

(Mailing Address) 170 Grayton St. Springville, AL 35146

Ph#(205) 362-9045; (205) 452-4674


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